plug revenue leakages by Real-time, Central Monitoring
To protect revenue there needs to be sufficient control system and check and balances.

Why Revenue Maxima is the most exciting solution for hotel owners?

Revenue Maxima - plug revenue leakages by Real-time, Central Monitoring.

Hotel Revenue & Collections are highly susceptible to frauds, Mis-use due to inherent risks, cash, high number of turnover. Revenue Maxima is a software solution that collects and analyzes the real-time occupancy time of hotel rooms in cloud centers helping you improve the efficiency and revenue. Collect real time data without depending on your front office Mangers with Stardotstar® Revenue Maxima Solution. According to various experts, regardless of the sector, revenue leakage amounts for up to five percent of realized EBITDA

The same solution works for Occupancy-based energy management. Save energy during no occupancy. Small changes to the way you use electricity really do make a difference. Install 'Revenue-Maxima' solution! Find out how you can Audit room revenue. Revenue leakage in the hotel industry is a major cause for concern for almost all types of hoteliers. Left unchecked, revenue leakage can lead to a huge financial loss at your hotel.

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